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The Simpsons

Video Clips

SimpsonsTracey Ullman shorts The Original Simpsons Cartoons (All 48 episodes)

The famous intro from The Simpsons is given an Indian makeover. The Singhsons Japanese ads featuring the Simpsons selling a lemon drink called CC Lemon.

Just D'oh It - Full of multimedia from The Simpsons including Images, Episode Downloads, Audio, AIM Icons and more

Episode info

The Complete History Of Video Games On "The Simpsons"

A guide to who does which voices on The Simpsosns

Top 25 Simpsons Guest Appearances

List of characters from The Simpsons

List of celebrities on The Simpsons

Top 278 Greatest Simpson's Lines

List of neologisms on The Simpsons

The making of a Simpsons episode

"The Simpsons": Behind the scenes of an episode

Harder than it looks. An interesting article about the drawing of the Simpsons

The Simpsons Archive: Episode Guide

The Simpsons Intro: What You Don’t See

40 Movie Scenes That The Simpsons Used

51 art references in The Simpsons

Top 10 Simpsons Guest Appearances

Springfield of Dreams: 16 Great 'Simpsons' Guest Voices

'The Simpsons' Top 20 Episodes

4 Simpsons Controversies That Didn’t End in Lawsuits

The Real-life Inspirations for 17 Simpsons Characters

20 Best Simpsons Celebrity Cameos

The 50 Best “Simpsons” Episodes Of All Time

The 25 Best Simpsons “Treehouse Of Horror” Stories

Julian Assange Records The Simpsons Guest Spot While Under House Arrest

'The Simpsons' 500th Episode Attempts To Break Guinness World Record With Fan Marathon

The 23 Best 'Simpsons' Musician Cameos

Homer Goes to the Olympics

The Lisa Simpson Book Club

11 Websites Featured On The Simpsons -- And What You Get When You Visit Them

Interactive map of Springfield

Movie Simpsonsis a tumblr that juxtaposes Simpsons movie homages with the original.

Ricks Ralph Wiggum Page

Probably the best Simpsons site out there. The Simpsons Archive

The Simpsons Site

The Simpsons Gallery

Last Exit To Springfield | Your Daily Dose of The Simpsons

The Simpsons Channel | Your Source For Simpsons News

Springfield Weekly

The Simpsons - Wikipedia

BBC - Cult - The Simpsons

Destination: Springfield

Frinks Museum of Patent Pending

Bart Simpson Soundboard


Simpsons Soundboard

Groundskeeper Willie Soundboard

Homer Simpson Soundboard 2

Bart Simpson soundboard

Sing with Homer. A soundboard of the best Homer Simpson songs.

Mr. Burns Soundboard

Homer Simpson


6 Simpsons Soundboards

Chief Wiggum

Top 10 Simpsons songs. With videos.

Simpsons mp3 music

Clay's Simpson's Songs Wav Page

Simpsons Musical

Simpsons mp3 music

Simpsons-O-Rama Sounds

Lunchtime Quiz: Milhouse Van Houten

How many of 'The Simpsons' characters do you know?

Don’t have a cow! Take our ‘Simpsons’ quiz. Oh dear, %52 for me.

Are you a true Simpsons fan?

The Simpsomaker

Homers Beer Run. Online flash simpsons game.

The Simpsons Snowball Fight

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Simpsons Memory Game


Simpsons Wallpapers

Other stuff

D'oh! Is 'The Simpsons' getting the axe? Fox says it can't afford to produce hit show without huge pay cuts for cast

Study: 'The Simpsons' has made $1B in profits

The Simpsons Cast Will Take A Pay Cut To Stay On The Air

Couple find 800-year-old stone head that resembles Homer Simpson while clearing theri garden
A Few More Facts About The Simpsons

The Simpsons Are Already Making Fun of Steve Jobs

Everything's Coming Up Milhouse

Will future generations understand "The Simpsons"?

When The Simpsons Met Pulp Fiction

From the Desk of Homer J. Simpson (Pic)

The Creator of The Simpsons Did Amazing Art for Apple

The Simpsons: Then and Now

11 Ingenious Signs On The Simpsons

Simpsons Mr. Burns: Write-in for NYC Mayor Winner!

Springfield's favorite father and nuclear safety technician has more quality lines than we can count.

Georgia's answer to 'The Simpsons'

The Top 10 Simpsons Tech Moments

Vatican OKs Simpsons

Simpsons fan to watch all 451 episodes in world record attempt

Ten of the Most Underrated Simpsons Characters

15 Things You Didn't Know About The Simpsons (Infographic)

Top 10 Sarcastic The Simpsons Quotes

11 Extraordinarily Clever Simpsons Tattoos

The 15 Greatest Songs from The Simpsons (So Far)

The Real Life Inspirations For 14 Simpsons Characters

In Defense of The Simpsons

The 14 most awesome fake products from The Simpsons

The 10 best moments from The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror

'Bart Simpson' records Scientology ad; producer responds

Simpsons stamps unveiled

All Things Itchy and Scratchy

11 Best Homer Simpson Quotes About Movies and Television

'Simpsons' stirs uproar in Argentina

Humans acting out the Simpsons intro

Springfield Punx. Neat.

Simpsons Health & Safety Posters

Spanish shopkeeper finds Homer Simpson euro

Spider-Pig and Homer Simpson Made of Folders Are Good Excuse for Desktop Clutter Art Contest

Drawing The Simpsons on YouTube

Print your own Spider Pig

The Simpsons Movie Mistakes

Cans of Duff and Flaming Moe's sold at Universal Studios

Pagans have a cow over Homer. Great animated gif of it.

Springfield's Best - Our unscientific survey of the 10 funniest Simpsons episodes ever

Rise and fall of a comic genius. Why, when and how The Simpsons started to suck.

The 10 Best Simpsons Endings Of All Time

Ben & Jerry's delivers Homerific ice cream

The Weirdest Stuff Homer Simpson Has Ever Eaten

The Top Ten science moments in The Simpsons, as chosen by Nature's editorial staff

Simpsons Scenes and their Reference Movies

The Birth of The Simpsons

The Simpsons Body Count

The Simpsons sand castle

Hank Azaria Talks "Simpsons"

Life Imitates The Simpsons

Beyond beyond beyond "Beyond embiggens and cromulent"

Simpsons Intro South Park Style

Homer's Hometown Flavor: Nutmeg?

Real Kwik-E-Marts? Woo-Hoo!

Simpsons 20th Anniversary

The Simpsons Movie - D’oh! They’re Still Tinkering With Homer

Reality Simpsons: The Family

Simpsons Universe

Battlestar Galacticsimpsons

The Simpsons almost disprove Fermat's Last Theorem

Professor Frink Sign Generator

Nahasapeemapetilon on Flickr

List of Homer Simpson's jobs. Even though I've seen all of the Simpsons I'd never realised he had so many jobs.

Simpsons: Real Life vs Cartoon. You saw the The Simpsons intro with real people, now compare scene by scene, while it plays next to the cartoon intro, and see how much they relate.

Homer Goes Longer!

Harder than it looks. An interesting article about the drawing of the Simpsons.

Guide to Springfield - The Simpsons on Flickr

Simpsons House Photos

The Simpsons Action Figure Information Station

Simpsons Math

HowTo: Homer USB Drive

Is Homer Simpson Canadian?

Simpsons creator praises Gervais

Deep Thoughts. Quotable sayings from great minds such as Isaac Newton and Homer Simpson.

Homer Simpson Quotes

Made-up words in The Simpsons

Simpsons Body Count

Niubniubs Toy Collection. Includes Star Wars, The Simpsons and many many more.

The Simpsons For The Blind. Interesting.

The Simpsons Movie in 2008

If They Mated. Great pics.

Monkeys on The Simpsons

Homer Simpson as a real person.

Homertage. Ever wonder what it would sound like if Homer Simpson played Xbox Live?

The Definitive MLB - Simpson's Analogy List

Subtly Simpsons. What follows is a list of lines from The Simpsons that we, your editors, have found to be particularly witty, often with their humor derived from subtleties of language, esoteric allusions, or just plain wit.

Guide to Springfield - The Simpsons on Flickr

Seattle Unusual Homes. Brilliant stuff including news on the real life Simpsons house, apartment encased in aluminum foil, Hansel & Gretyl Cottage and loads more great stuff. More Simpsons House Photos.

The Simpsons and Smoking. A list of people seen smoking on The Simpsons.

Made-up words in The Simpsons

Key Car - a photoset on Flickr. Including a Homer Simpson.

USB Optical Mouse - With Floating Homer J. Simpson Review

Lego Bart Simpson

Comrade Homer Simpson!

Where is The Simpsons' Springfield?

Matt Groening's Portland

Homer's Odyssey

The Simpsons Personality Test

The Simpsons Found Not Guilty by Russian Court


xxxxx Mr. X xxxxx. Homer Simpsons secret website full of Springfield gossip.

Snow Simpsons

The Simpsons Personality Test

Simpsons T-Shirts

16 Reasons why we love The Simpsons

Trading Cards

Comic Strips

Guide to Springfield USA

Collecting Simpsons! Guide to Simpsons toys and merchandise

Allexperts The Simpsons Q&A

The Simpsons Action Figure Information Station

The world according to Homer Simpson

Poke Homer

Top Signs That Watching the Simpsons Has Had a Big Impact on Your Life

50 funniest Homer Simpson Quotes

What the cash register says when meggie is scanned on Flickr

YouTube - Simpsons Impersonations

List of The Simpsons name origins

The Simpsonzu: Manga Simpsons

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